Frequently Asked Questions

When does CMSC have registrations?

CMSC's season runs from September through to June each year.  There are typically two sessions during a season: October-January and February-May. If these is enough interest, June session is scheduled.  Registration generally opens up for each session 2-3 weeks prior to the session and is open until the middle of the session.

What equipment will I need?

Swimmers only require the basic equipment of a swimsuit and goggles to participate. Most swimmers will also want to wear a swim cap and bring a non-glass water bottle on deck. 

Although all other equipment needed is availble to borrow from the SLS Centre Pool, it is recommended to bring your own swim kit which would include a kickboard, hand paddles, a pull buoy and fins. 

Am I required to be a SLS Centre member or pay for admission to SLS Centre?

No, your admission to the facility is included in your fees. There is no discount for swimmers who are already members of the facility. 

Who are the coaches?

CMSC's fantastic coaches for 2023-2024 are Amy Swedlo, Max Kruger and Joan Gunn-Allard.

How many swimmers can I expect to swim with?

There is a cap of five swimmers per lane and generally four lanes are running per practice. Coaches will help ensure swimmers are grouped into lanes by their speed and ability.

Can I make up a practice or swap a practice if I miss a practice?

CMSC has the following policy, "Cochrane Masters Swim Club does not refund for missed practices or allow substitutions, transfers or exchanges for missed swim practices.  Members must swim in the practices they have signed paid and signed up for."

How do I register for swimming?

First you must create an account (userid & password) which will need to be approved by the Registrar.  Then sign in to your account and the "Registration" tab will be visible in the top menu bar.  Go to this tab and follow the instructions for registration.  You will be invoiced for youu registration within 72 hours of completing your registration.

How do I pay my invoice?

All payments are via Interac e-transfers to Cash, credit cards and cheques are not accepted.